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Accounting Services in Czech republic

PV Capital s.r.o. is a family company. We are offering complete accounting services for a wide range of clients in Czech Republic.

Accounting Services

  • Double-entry bookkeeping, payroll and personnel administration, VAT
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Import / Export accounting, INCOTERMS
  • Representation in public authorities
  • Reconstruction of accounting
  • Accounting and tax advice 
  • Processing of financial reports
  • Remote provision of accounting services


Price, CZK
Income Tax Return (s.r.o.), including sending to the Tax Office and Commerce Court 3900
VAT Return, including “Souhrnné hlášení” and “Kontrolní hlášení” 1780
Transport Tax Return 890
Real Estate Tax Return 2980
Accounting journal entry 27
Accounting journal entry for bank statements in file formats: abo, gemini, ipb, best, km, multicash, citybusinessdirect, citybankonline 19
Management of the official e-mail box (Datová schránka), per month 290
Personnel and payroll per month & per employee 290
Representation in public authorities / Consulting, per hour 980
Provision of the legal address, per year 9000
Price Calculator (for s.r.o.)
Amount, CZK
Number of accounting entries per year (if you can’t determine the value, please use the Accounting Entries Calculator below) 0
Number of employees (payroll) 0
The company is a VAT payer No Yes 0
The company has cars 0
Management of the official e-mail box (Datová schránka) 0
Provision of the legal address 0
Income tax return 3900
TOTAL, accounting per year, CZK: 3900
OR monthly costs, CZK: 325
Accounting Entries Calculator
VAT payer
VAT non-payer
Number of received invoices, per year 0 0
Number of issued invoices, per year 0 0
Number of received receipts — cash payments (equipment, furniture, services, etc.). Less than 10 000 Kč per receipt, per year 0 0
Number of transactions in bank statement, per year 0 0
Number of capital items (real estate, equipment, car, etc.). Value exceeding 40 000 Kč per item 0 0
TOTAL, Accounting Entries per year: 0 0

Accounting remotely

If you are outside Czech Republic, or you have no time to bring your documents to Prague, use our “Remote Accounting” service.
1. Scan all available documents related to your company over the reporting period (a provisional list is provided below) and Send the scans to our e-mail: info@portvision.cz .
2. We will check the documents and let you know the price of our services. You may also estimate it yourself using the Calculator.
3. We will prepare and send a package of documents to a tax inspectorate and other authorities. You will receive the package scan by e-mail.
4. We will send you the invoice. Payment is possible to our bank account or by bank card via PayPal.
5. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Documents or files to be scanned and sent:
1. If this is the first time that you contact our company, please, submit accounting records and tax returns of your company for a previous reporting period:
  • corporate income tax return (přiznání k dani z příjmu pravnických osob)
  • balance sheet (rozvaha)
  • profit and loss statement (výkaz zisku a ztráty)
2. Bank statements of all company accounts over the reporting period (scans of paper statements or statement files in any common format).
3. Documents representing cash flows in the company cash department (pokladna): cheques, receipts, credit and debit slips, etc.
4. Invoices issued or accepted by your company with a payment date mark.
5. Purchase and sale contracts, rental agreements, contracts of lease and facility agreements; transfer protocols and other documents related to the reporting period.

Company formation

Our Accountancy offers to register a Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.) in the Czech Republic.
Price: 1490 EUR
Registration period: 14 days
The package includes:
  • Preparation of documents for registration
  • Payment of state fees
  • Provision of the legal address for 1 year (after 340 EUR/year)
  • Services of a notary
  • Services of a court interpreter
  • Registration of the free licenses in the register of entrepreneurs
  • Registration in the commerce court
  • Registration in TAX inspectorate
  • Registration of EORI number (import / export operations) 
  • Company Seal
  • Bank account of the company
  • High reliability of correspondence receiving
  • Notification about received letters including scans sending
  • Convenience of administration and accounting
  • A representative of your company (based on Power of Attorney)


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